Structure-borne sound damping of the highest quality

EFFBE specialists have the solution for every spring and damping problem


Elastomer springs in EFFBE quality reduce vibrations and noise sustainably and effectively. They offer structure-borne noise damping, structure-borne noise insulation and shock absorption of the highest quality.

Our engineers develop and manufacture solutions for a wide range of spring and damping problems in machine installation applications - with either series or specially designed parts. In this way, vibrations and sound transmission are effectively and sustainably reduced using vibration dampers. As vibration dampers, EFFBE elastomer air springs have long been a quality concept when it comes to structure-borne noise insulation, structure-borne noise damping and the reduction of airborne noise. They are characterized by very long service life, defined spring characteristics even after long use, oil resistance, abrasion resistance and high elongation at break.

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Elastomer springs guarantee effective and sustainable vibration protection

Elastomer compression springs are THE alternative to steel springs. Their use eliminates damage to machinery and tools caused by worn, broken steel springs.

At EFFBE, modern working methods and the knowledge of customer-specific issues complement the company's experience in the application of elastomers and the associated process technology. Extensive measurement and testing measures for EFFBE elastomer compression springs guarantee consistent quality standards. In addition, our engineers have played a key role in DIN standardization.


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