Elastomer springs for wind turbines (WT)

EFFBE supplies heavy duty transmission bearing components made of Urelast®


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Wind Power

High-quality components for the transmissions of wind turbines are among our core competencies. EFFBE elastomer springs are now installed as transmission bearings in more than 30,000 wind turbines.

As elastomer bearings, low-wear elastomer springs made of the high-performance elastomer EFFBE Urelast® have been reducing maintenance costs in currently more than 30,000 wind turbines for more than 20 years. Our components are installed in the transmissions of wind turbines, azimuth brakes, rotor bearings and rotor hubs, transmission mounts, generator bearings, control cabinets, operator workstations, couplings, fans and ventilators, torque brackets, holding weights, absorbers and dampers.

Wind Power Catalog

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Thanks to their built-in sensors, our elastomer supports think for themselves

A secret of the success of our elastomer springs for gearbox torque arms in wind turbines (WT), which we call Retrofit:

Our material EFFBE Urelast®, a special blend of polyurethane and rubber. With comparable dimensions, it can withstand up to four times the load of conventional rubber-to-metal bonds, which are often used as gearbox mountings in wind turbines. Result: Components made of Urelast® can be dimensioned up to 40 percent smaller. In addition, their weight is up to 80 percent lower because metal inserts are not required.

By the way, thanks to their built-in sensors, EFFBE elastomer suspension units for generator supports think for themselves. These sensors record the loads occurring in the wind turbine and transmit information on the load on the springs with components made of Urelast® direct to the operator's workstation. The results are conclusive data for proactive machine control systems - the basis for Industry 4.0. This Condition Monitoring System (CMS) enables the actual load in the gearbox supports to be recorded. The operator receives data on the operating status of the gearbox, which currently is neither collected nor evaluated during operation.

Incidentally, our product range for wind turbines (WTs) also includes hood supports as well as support elements for fans, pitch drives, control cabinets, azimuth systems and gearboxes.


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