EFFBE's success story begins in 1949

Company founder Fritz Grumpy develops a revolutionary diaphragm material for fuel pumps


When it comes to vibration protection, vibration isolation, shock protection and structure-borne noise insulation, the experts at EFFBE are the first choice. This is what we stand for - backed by decades of experience.

1950. One year after the formation of the company by Fritz Brumme in Frankfurt, EFFBE succeeds in developing a new diaphragm material that nearly quintuples the mileage of fuel pumps in passenger cars. The clou: It has a much higher resistance to mechanical stress than the hitherto known diaphragm materials. Soon after its development, almost all European vehicles drive with EFFBE diaphragms. At that time, these diaphragms were found mainly in carburetors and gasoline pumps.

In 1953, Fritz Brumme relocates the EFFBE factory to Raunheim. At peak times more than 500 employees work there. With the takeover by the Woco corporate group in 2000, the company headquarters move from Raunheim to Bad Soden-Salmünster.


Since 2000, a part of the WOCO Corporate Group

In the subsequent period, the EFFBE specialists develop further applications.

They develop new materials for different industrial requirements, including outside the automotive industry and auto supply sector. Today, the diaphragm and vibration technology specialist, which has been part of the Woco corporate group since 2000, counts industrial companies from a wide variety of sectors among its customers.

EFFBE supplies machine installers with customized anti-vibration systems and high-strength elastomer components for structure-borne noise insulation, shock absorption, vibration decoupling and vibration isolation.



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