A competent partner of industry for almost 70 years

EFFBE offers customized solutions for almost all vibration-related problems


From idea to product

EFFBE, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Woco corporate group, uses the synergy effects from all departments, from material/product development related to requirements, to FEM simulations and tool making, to production.

Woco develops and manufactures products that noticeably improve the acoustic comfort and safety of vehicles, and their use also results in a higher level of environmental protection due to a reduction in noise and consumption.

In the industrial sector, Woco products improve the efficiency and safety of machinery and equipment. They serve to reduce vibrations and to seal off and separate gases and fluids. The Woco corporate group operates worldwide at a total of 21 locations with nearly 6.000 employees.

Woco's functional solutions allow for the use of different materials. In this regard, Woco is also an expert in materials and in the processing of polymers. Woco supports its customers in development and production, using its global facilities to optimize logistics and lower costs. As a family-owned company, Woco is a reliable, long-term business partner to its customers, employees, and suppliers.


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