EFFBE and vibration technology

The balancing act between high performance and environmental sustainability

Requirements on elastic machine supports are constantly increasing

Every day, EFFBE engineers face up anew to the balancing act between high performance, which is required from today's machines, and environmental sustainability, which is a high priority in our company.

Nowadays, modern machines are required to deliver high performance while causing as little noise and vibration as possible. This applies equally to engines and compressors as well as CHP modules, large fans and transmissions for wind turbines. In vibration technology, this results in ever higher demands on elastic mounts and elastic support systems. The mission of our engineers and designers is to meet these requirements in the interests of our customers. The declared objective is to relieve your rational, reliable production planning of structural and environmental constraints. In the search for optimal solutions, EFFBE will help you with meaningful technical product documentation and experienced in-house and external applications engineers.

The basis for a safe vibration control solution in critical environments is often a meaningful vibration analysis of the actual state using our own modern measurement technology on our vibration test bench, which includes a vibration table. With the help of calculation programs and a vibration simulation, vibration-related issues can be considered even during the planning phase. In our own test area, EFFBE examines the virtual solution on the basis of practice-oriented or standardized tests, until we find the right vibration absorber or the ideal vibration support.

Today, calculation programs such as ISOMAG and SimulationX for the simulation of vibration problems represent the state-of-the-art in the measuring room. In the hands of experienced engineers and technicians, reliable predictions on the vibration behavior of the observed object can be made on the vibration test bench. As a result of such calculations, information is then available on static and dynamic loads and deflection shapes as well as values for vibration displacement, vibration velocities and vibration accelerations, for any desired point in the room. Here, we regard the machine or system as a rigid object and, depending on the requirements, consider either a rigid installation location or an elastically supported intermediate base.


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