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Technical Lecture on the VDMA Technologie-Forum at the AMB Stuttgart

Process-integrated vibration isolation with load-adaptive EFFBE air springs

High-precision measuring and production machines require low-stiffness bearing elements for low-vibration machine installation. The integration of such systems in the production process make new demands on the functional scope of vibration-isolating elements. Air springs combine the requirement of a small spring stiffness with the possibility of their controllability.
EFFBE has integrated a sensor, control and control valves into its air spring elements. The modern control system offers suitable interfaces in order to be able to adapt the characteristics of the vibration-isolated bearing to the requirements of the production processes. In addition to the load-adaptive control of air springs, which automatically compensates for load changes and / or center of gravity displacements, in "silent mode" any disturbance that can be caused by a readjustment of the air springs can be excluded.

Author: Wolfgang Spatzig
Head of application technology EFFBE GmbH


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