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Special solutions for wind power industry. Elastomer components from EFFBE

Wind-Kraft Journal & Natürliche Energien Ausgabe 3/2017.

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EFFBE – High-performance Urelast® elastomer components with integrated sensors help reduce wind farm maintenance costs.

The EFFBE GmbH from Bad Soden-Salmünster has been supplying high-performance elastomer components for WKAs for almost 20 years. More than 500,000 components made from the high-performance elastomer EFFBE Urelast® have been installed in more than 35,000 wind power stations. Urelast® components are used as elastomeric bearings throughout the powertrain, in azimuth brakes and azimuth drives, in the rotor bearing and in the rotor hub, as bearings for gearboxes, generators, control cabinets, couplings, fans and vents, in torque hubs for gearboxes and powertrain, in holding weights, absorbers and dampers. [...]

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