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Discover our extensive spare parts service for the brands EFFBE, Barrymount and ISOLAIR.

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From idea to product

EFFBE products guarantee optimal machine support - even under the most difficult conditions.

Excellent vibration protection, effective noise insulation and the highest level of sound protection are among the features that make EFFBE a quality concept in machine supports. We have the right product for every vibration-related solution in our range. And because our components are mostly maintenance-free, durable, and resistant to oil and aging, they extend the service life of your machines and save operating costs.

Incidentally: If one of our standard elements should not be sufficient, our designers and engineers work on solving a customer-specific problem until the optimal machine support is found.

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Levelmount® Machine Supports

Maintenance-free Levelmount® machine supports from EFFBE offer the ideal solution for the challenge of combining optimized mechanical production processes with the demand for ever lower noise emission. Levelmount® supports are elastic supports that perfectly meet the high expectations placed on the elastic mounting of machinery, equipment and apparatus and provide excellent vibration and sound insulation. Incidentally: Thanks to our sophisticated logistics, we deliver most components directly from stock without delay.

Elastomer springs

Durable, oil and abrasion-resistant: these properties convert EFFBE elastomer springs into a quality concept par excellence. They have been available as standard components for many years, e.g. in cutting and punching tools, and ensure sustained vibration protection and effective vibration insulation. With the qualities of EFFBE Urelast® and EFFBE 295 our elastomer compression springs set new standards in settling behavior and service life. As an accessory EFFBE supplies rubber sheets and hollow and solid bars. In addition, we develop and produce construction parts specifically to individual customer requirements.

Pneumatic cylinders

EFFBE pneumatic cylinders work reliably even under the most extreme environmental conditions and with no stick-slip effect. When it comes to building power with compressed air, our short-stroke devices and medium-stroke devices are the first choice. Despite their robustness, our diaphragm pressure cylinders are sensitive pressure regulators for pressure differences of 0.1 bar. We offer ex stock a large selection of short-stroke and medium-stroke devices with various mounting options.


The Schwingmetall® product range includes top quality rubber-to-metal bonds for machine building applications and the automotive industry. We offer high-quality components for damping shocks and to protect against noise in the form of vibration dampers. Our product portfolio includes stops, angular contact bearings and hydraulic bearings. In addition, we supply rubber buffers for machinery, apparatus and engine construction. These rubber buffers also called Silentblock and Silent bush. Thanks to the high number of standard elements, we can meet special customer requirements quickly and reliably ex stock.

EFFBE Measuring Service

For us this is a matter of honor: the engineers and designers at EFFBE work on a customer-specific solution for a vibration-related problem until they find the perfect machine support. When our components reach their limits, we develop and manufacture tailor-made elements, even in the smallest volumes and as prototypes. The basis of all our solutions is extensive vibration analysis, which is part of EFFBE's customer service. For our measurement service - which of course is also performed directly on the customer's premises - we use state-of-the-art measurement technology. Thanks to calculation programs such as ISOMAG and Simulation X, vibration-related issues in production plants can be considered even during the planning phase.

Read more about the possibilities of vibration technology here.


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