EFFBE - the quality concept for elastomer springs

Our products stand for many years of permanently elastic and unbreakable use

Our excellent reputation motivates us to tackle new challenges every day

With the qualities EFFBE 295 and EFFBE Urelast®, EFFBE sets new standards in the service life and settling behavior of elastomer springs.

Our elastomer springs stand for many years of permanently elastic and unbreakable use, for example in cutting and punching tools. Our customers around the world appreciate the quality of the EFFBE product ranges, which also offer a favorable price-performance ratio and high cost-effectiveness due to zero maintenance. Awareness of our excellent reputation motivates us to tackle new challenges every day. That's why our engineers and designers develop customized parts for you, if our standard ranges are unable to solve your problem.

Elastomer compression springs are regulated by the standard DIN ISO 10069-1. Our qualities EFFBE 295 and EFFBE Urelast® meet this DIN standard and even surpass it in terms of service life and settling behavior. EFFBE spring elements and structural parts, due to selected elastomers, including Vulkollan® and Urelast® semi-finished products, correspond to a defined spring behavior in terms of their physical properties and geometrical dimensions.

Elastomer Springs Catalog

Download the Elastomer Springs and Component Parts catalog to learn more about our product diversity in this area.


For the production of EFFBE spring elements, two different elastomer types are used depending on the respective application criteria:

  • EFFBE 295 - spring quality based on chloroprene rubber
  • EFFBE Urelast® - tempered polyurethane rubber (PUR), which is suitable for high dynamic loads.

With these qualities, with respect to degree of deformation, spring stroke, force absorption and temperature, the load limits of a rubber spring and polyurethane spring (PUR spring) are optimally matched.

Further advantages of elastomer springs made of Urelast®:

  • Progressive characteristic curve and high force absorption, no danger of "block setting" as with steel springs
  • Exceptional operational reliability including emergency running properties, therefore no tool damage when overloaded
  • Complete freedom from maintenance results in economic efficiency in continuous operation
  • Structure-borne noise insulation and shock absorption, airborne noise reduction
  • Shock-like excitations abate quickly
  • Favorable price-performance ratio compared to other spring systems
  • Long service life: If the design criteria are met, more than 2x106 load changes are possible


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