Individual component parts according to customer specifications

We produce small batches and patterns in Urelast® for specific applications according to your specifications

The high strength of the EFFBE materials opens up countless possibilities

EFFBE supplies component parts, small batches and patterns in Urelast®, which are manufactured in molds according to drawings.

Component parts such as comb strips and comb profile strips as well as patterns made of Urelast® are popular alternatives to rubber-to-metal compounds and are used in many different areas due to their high material strength. Reason: The physical and mechanical properties of Urelast® significantly expand the application possibilities of conventional elastomers. EFFBE manufactures customized component parts for its customers that fit perfectly wherever they are used. In doing so, we either produce exactly according to the design drawing you submit to us. Or our engineers come to your premises and work out the optimal solution with you, which is the basis of every EFFBE product. Incidentally: We produce small batches and sample parts from rubber springs, sheets and other standard parts by machining. Machinability allows variable designs.

Our Urelast® material made of polyurethane and also rubber is extremely durable and is particularly suitable as a basis for energy-absorbing or force-transmitting components. In many cases it allows the use of non-reinforced Urelast® component parts instead of rubber-to-metal compounds. EFFBE manufactures the Urelast® compounds required by the design in metal or plastics by vulcanization or bonding. Application examples are damping profile plates, comb strips and comb profile strips, damping profile rings and damping profile strips, stop buffers, hold-down devices, ejectors, strippers, guides, couplings, rollers, drive rollers, drawing and bulging works, seals, plugs, mounting fixtures, gearbox bushings and nozzles.

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Elastomer Springs Catalog (Design Information)

Download the Elastomer Springs and Component Parts catalog to learn more about our product diversity in this area.


Application examples:

  • Damping profile plates, rings and strips
  • Stop buffers, emergency stop and hold-down devices
  • Ejectors, strippers and guides
  • Couplings, rollers and drive rollers
  • Drawing and bulging works
  • Seals and plugs
  • Mounting fixtures
  • Bushings and nozzles


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