Durable Ejectors / Strippers

The preferred EFFBE parts for punching, drawing, embossing and cutting tools

Ejectors / Strippers

Ejectors made of Urelast® and self-adhesive strippers for punches with press fit offer many advantages for our customers. They are the preferred choice for use in punching, drawing, embossing and cutting tools.

EFFBE supplies ex stock self-adhesive stripper bars for punches and ejectors with press fit. Our customers swear by the many advantages offered by our materials:

  • EFFBE ejectors and EFFBE strippers prevent damage to the surface of the stamped part
  • EFFBE ejectors and EFFBE strippers allow a large work force with small installation dimensions
  • EFFBE ejectors and EFFBE strippers contribute significantly to noise reduction.
  • EFFBE ejectors and EFFBE strippers are highly abrasion-resistant This guarantees a long service life.

EFFBE Urelast® ejectors are preferred for use in punching, drawing and stamping tools for lifting and ejecting sheet metal parts. A blind hole is sufficient to accommodate the ejectors. The vent groove facilitates force fitting.

Elastomer Springs Catalog (Ejectors / Strippers Product Range)

Download the Elastomer Springs and Component Parts catalog to learn more about our product diversity in this area.


EFFBE strippers are characterized by increased buckling resistance of the punches and avoid retraction of the sheet metal via the clearance-free the seat on the punch.

The strippers are suitable for standard commercially available punches and mounting plates. Both the self-cut punch contour on the cutter and the customized inner diameter guarantee the self-adhesive seat. The length of the stripper bars corresponds to the largest structural dimension. It can be adjusted in line with lesser dimensions. During installation please note: The length of the stripper must be 1 to 2 mm longer than the free punch length. When installing, make sure there is sufficient bulge space.

EFFBE stripper bars are used in a variety of cutting tools for reliable demolding in case of complex cutting contours - either completely or only in short sections or individual segments. The high flexibility of the stripper bars allows installation near the cutting line.


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