Reduction in design space and weight thanks to EFFBE Urelast

We produce small batches and patterns in Urelast® for specific applications according to your specifications

EFFBE Urelast®

Technical springs made of elastomer are state-of-the-art and standardized in DIN ISO 10069-1 - Elastomer compression springs.

For more than 30 years, EFFBE has been supplying standard-compliant springs made of Urelast® U90 in 92 Shore A and CR rubber in 70 ShA in consistently high quality and with long service life - not only for use in tool making, but also in many areas of mechanical and plant engineering. Wherever springs are needed as energy stores or elastic components for spring and damping problems, EFFBE elastomer springs represent a quality concept.

EFFBE Urelast is a cast elastomer with outstanding properties in terms of load capacity, fatigue strength and settling behavior, and is particularly suitable for the production of custom-designed components in small and medium quantities.

Elastomer Springs Catalog

Download the Elastomer Springs and Component Parts catalog to learn more about our product diversity in this area.


Reduction in design space and weight thanks to EFFBE Urelast®

When compared to ordinary rubber-to-metal compounds used for a wide variety of applications in the machine building industry, with comparable dimensions EFFBE Urelast® can withstand up to four times higher loads. This is why the size of components made of Urelast® can be reduced by 30 to 40 percent. Furthermore, a reduction in component weight by more than 80 percent is possible, precisely due to the elimination of the otherwise necessary metal inserts for conventional laminated rubber-to-metal parts.

CFRP instead of metal - bonded springs made from EFFBE Urelast®

It is state-of-the-art practice to connect the support areas of elastomer elements to sufficiently rigid bodies in order to influence the spring characteristic. This is an area where EFFBE has also successfully applied weight reduction measures: Rather than using metal parts, EFFBE has combined Urelast® with CFRP materials for the first time. Components designed in this way are an alternative to metal disk springs, steel springs, coil springs or gas pressure springs, for example. A further advantage: whereas the breakage of a single disk spring, for example, results in the immediate loss of the entire spring package, Urelast® components are characterized by their “Emergency operation” properties. Even if the elastomer body of the Urelast® springs or dampers is damaged, no sudden drop in force occurs due to the visco-elastic properties of the Urelast® material. This increases the operational reliability of the machines and reduces unplanned maintenance work.


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