Levelmount® machine supports for the optimal production process

Our solutions combine the demand for increased work performance with environmentally conscious noise insulation and vibration protection

Low compression set guarantees excellent long-term stability

With maintenance-free Levelmount® machine supports, EFFBE meets the high expectations for the elastic support of machinery, plant and equipment. Thanks to our sophisticated logistics, we deliver most EFFBE parts directly from stock without delay.

Nowadays, in the installation of machinery ever greater demands are placed on elastic supports: It is important to combine increased work performance with optimized production processes and greater environmental awareness, from vibration protection and noise insulation to vibration decoupling. EFFBE faces up to this challenge with maintenance-free Levelmount® machine supports, which keep rational, reliable production planning free from structural and environmental constraints. We offer vibration dampers and vibration isolators tailored exactly to your needs to reduce the transmission of vibrations - right through to vibration decoupling.

As elastic supports, all Levelmount® components are perfectly constructed for their respective role in vibration engineering and designed for high static and dynamic fatigue endurance with adequate safety margins. Compared to other elastomers and composites, the compression set of EFFBE-Levelmount® is low and thus ensures excellent long-term stability and level consistency.

Levelmount® Machine Supports

Download the Levelmount® Machine Supports catalog to learn more about our product diversity in this area.


EFFBE quality assurance according to ISO standards in conjunction with state-of-the-art manufacturing processes and elastomer developments by our in-house laboratory ensure products of a consistently high quality standard.

Only products with which we are completely satisfied leave our laboratory bench and go into production. Meaningful technical product documentation and experienced application engineers in office and field will help you make optimal use of our Levelmount®. Vibration analysis, tests and calculations with advanced measurement tools are the basis of safe machine installation according to current regulations, even in critical applications.

Incidentally: Our sophisticated logistics and the appropriate stock levels guarantee availability and on-time delivery of the insulation elements for the installation of your new machine.

Levelmount® machine supports in use

Levelmount® products are suitable for use, for example, in measuring machines, measuring tables and test benches as well as in microscopy and the electronics industry.

Further possible applications can be found in machine tools, compressors and ventilation systems. Customized solutions have been developed, for example, for high-end systems in measurement and analysis technology (nanoscale) as well as for wind turbines.

"Effbe Levelmount" steel spring isolators were developed to reduce large-scale vibrations and shocks. They are always individually dimensioned, designed and produced in accordance with customer-specific requirements. They are used successfully in metal forming, power plants and other industrial installations.


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