ALS - Electronically-controlled air suspension element

Load-adaptive control for low frequency isolation at the highest EFFBE level

Air Suspension Element ALS

This air suspension element with fully electronic level control is available in six sizes, each with two different heights.

With six sizes, each available in two different heights, the air suspension element ALS is one of the versatile diaphragm air suspension elements from EFFBE. The ALS system has fully electronically controlled level control and this load-adaptive control system ensures low-frequency vibration isolation at the highest EFFBE level.

Levelmount® Machine Supports

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Characteristics of load-adaptive control:

  • automatic adaptation to load changes and shift of center of gravity
  • non-contact sensor technology
  • integration into the machine control system
  • active involvement in the process
  • simple communication
  • customizable parameters
  • CE and UL compliant


  • Controller board and GUI (Windows, Android app)

EDI Interfaces:

  • USB
  • Wireless (IEEE 802.15.2)
  • CAN
  • DIO
  • Drivers


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