System ISR - Our air-suspension support that thinks for itself

PC system solution from EFFBE for flexible level control and permanent monitoring of the machine installation

"Air Level Control" software regulates system safely and reliably

The EFFBE air-suspension system ISR allows computer-controlled machine support with a non-contact, electro-pneumatic control system.

In our ISR system, we combine the proven elastomer air springs of the ADS system and the SLM series with a new, non-contact electro-pneumatic control system. For this purpose, the EFFBE engineers combined the sensor and control valve into a compact module and integrated it into the diaphragm air spring. Using a PC and the "Air-Level-Control" software, the parameters of the ISR system control unit can be viewed, varied within wide limits and permanently stored in the control unit program memory. The following parameters in the ISR system are variable: reset precision, permissible deflection, response time, average level.

Levelmount® Machine Supports

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Setting options:
A controller with manual operation or PC connection allows the selection of the following settings:

  • Leveling of the system (horizontal installation)
  • Tracking the position of each support (operating height)
  • Tolerance choice of height and reset accuracy
  • Delayed or suppressed reaction with dynamic action
  • Monitoring and documentation

You can also preset a specific tolerance to avoid overreaction. The individual zero positions of the three controlled supports are adjusted with a potentiometer; the system is leveled at the same time.

System components:
A system comprises three controlled air support units (master, master/slave) and further air support units (slaves) without individual control for load distribution. The system includes a control unit that records the sensor data by the operating height or level of each individual support and compares this with adjustable setpoint values.

Useful information about the design
A sensor for non-contact level detection is integrated in the air suspension element. As a result, separate sensing of the machine height is unnecessary. In addition, valves for filling and emptying the interior are arranged as so-called lifting and lowering valves within the air suspension unit.
Menu-driven software allows the selection of resetting accuracy, height tolerance, switching and response times as well as monitoring.


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