SLM-D - Air suspension element with viscous damper

Machine support with air suspension elements including integrated damper unit

Air Suspension Element SLM-D

Optionally available with automatic level control

The air suspension element SLM-D, which is available in six sizes, corresponds to the model series SLM, extended to include a viscous damper. The air suspension element SLM-D combines the outstanding features of our compressed air spring SLM in low-frequency source and receiver insulation with the damping effect of an integrated damper unit. This damper unit consists of an elastomer-metal combination with viscous filling. The air suspension element SLM-D is used primarily in presses, automatic punching presses, nibbling machines, compressors and packaging systems. Where vibration problems are particularly severe, in a false ceiling installation for example, the air suspension element SLM-D can be connected to the optionally available self-regulating level control. This alignment element is available from EFFBE as a mechanical-pneumatic (MPN) or electro-pneumatic (EPN) version.

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SLM-D type with damping

Design: Standard SLM rubber air spring series with integrated viscous damper, DBP 38 19 770, six sizes (starting from SLM24-D)

Features: Reduction of up to 70 percent in resonance magnification with vertical exciter isolation, use in the resonance range permitted, load range 3 kN to 100 kN, natural frequency (stat.) 4 Hz to 7 Hz.

Applications: Press supports, automatic punching presses, nibbling machines, compressors, packaging systems
Materials: Same design as standard series SLM, damper unit as elastomer-metal combination with viscose filling

Comments: Self-regulating level control available, system with mechanical-pneumatic control, system with electro-pneumatic control, design-dependent reset time and accuracy

Leveling: Leveling range ± 6 mm, air pressure control

Maintenance: Compressed air monitoring


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