SLM - Air suspension systems for machine support

The EFFBE series for vibration reduction and receiver isolation for false ceiling installation

Air Suspension Element SLM

Our air suspension element without viscous damper

Due to its low natural frequency, the SLM air spring element is ideally suited for source and receiver isolation and for solving vibration problems in false ceiling installations.

Our air spring element SLM features low-frequency source and receiver isolation. For measuring machines and measuring tables in control rooms, therefore, these air suspension units are just as much the first choice as when supporting fans, air conditioning units, automatic punching presses and nibbling machines. Air supply is via a standard car tyre valve. Wherever vibration problems are particularly severe, the optionally available, self-regulating level control is used as an alignment element: It is available in mechanical-pneumatic and electro-pneumatic versions.

Levelmount® Machine Supports

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SLM type without damping

Design: Elastomer-metal combination in eight sizes, elastomer air chamber with reinforced steel rings and bolted on base plate, air supply via car tyre valve

Features: Low frequency exciter or receiver isolation, vertical and horizontal stiffness approx. 1: 1, vibration isolation, shock isolation, shock absorption (maximum amplitude 40 mm), structure-borne noise insulation, anchorage-free installation, operable in depressurized state, load range 0.2 kN to 100 kN, natural frequency (stat.) 3 Hz to 5 Hz, natural frequency (stat.) without pressure 8 Hz

Applications: Measuring machines, plane tables, foundation supports, press supports, automatic punching presses, nibbling machines, compressors, fans

Materials: CR quality elastomer body with high elasticity, oil and aging resistant, pressure and base plate type SLM 1 - SLM 12 made of aluminum, from type SLM 24 galvanized steel, screw quality 8.8 galvanized

Leveling: Leveling range ± 5 mm or ± 6 mm via air pressure control

Comments: Self-regulating level control available, system with mechanical-pneumatic control, system with electro-pneumatic control, design-dependent reset time and accuracy

Maintenance: Compressed air monitoring



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