HPM - EFFBE adjustable foot with integrated leveling system

This simple machine leveling element is suitable for many installations

Machine Leveling Element HPM

Source and receiver isolation for loads up to 55 kN

For universal use available ex stock with integrated leveling system: the EFFBE machine element HPM. Simple and effective: these attributes apply to the EFFBE machine leveling element HPM. Due to its simplicity, our adjustable foot with integrated leveling system is suitable for many machines and systems up to a maximum load of 55 kN. In the usual EFFBE quality, with anchorage-free installation it guarantees perfect source and receiver isolation, vibration isolation, shock absorption and structure-borne noise insulation. This top product is available ex stock in five different sizes.

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  • Source and receiver isolation
  • Vibration Isolation
  • Shock absorption
  • Structure-borne Noise Insulation
  • Anchorage-free installation


  • Elastomer body in NBR grade, 70 ShA 5
  • Metal parts according to DIN EN 10111-98
  • Galvanization according to DIN EN 12329-FE / Zn / C