KE - wedge mount for machine installation

The EFFBE element for measuring instruments and machines that need to be particularly rigid

Machine Leveling Element KE

The KE series is preferred as a wedge mount where it is necessary to dispense with an elastic machine installation.

Whether as a wedge mount for measuring instruments on the laboratory bench or as a stabilizing wedge element in complete manufacturing centers: wherever elasticity is not required and equipment and machinery has to be as rigid and solid as possible, our customers choose wedge mounts from the EFFBE KE range. Our wedge mounts in six different sizes enable particularly rigid machine installation for almost any desired application. It goes without saying that our engineers and designers also develop customized solutions for EFFBE wedge elements exactly according to customer specifications.

Levelmount® Machine Supports

Download the Levelmount® Machine Supports catalog to learn more about our product diversity in this area.


Design: Adjustment wedge, lateral set screw with fine thread, anti-slip or damping coating, 6 sizes

Features: Anchorage-free installation, positioning and leveling with damping pad as exciter / receiver support, load range maximum 15 to 150 kN, natural frequency (stat.) > 15 Hz corresponding to the damping pad

Applications: Measuring machines and measuring instruments and equipment that requires a particularly rigid installation

Materials: Metal parts in GG, CR quality elastomer body with high elasticity, oil and aging-resistant, leveling screw quality 8.8 galvanized, metal surface painted yellow

Leveling: Leveling range maximum 7 to 20 mm


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