LE - slip-resistant machine supports

This support element is suitable for horizontal forces

Machine Support Element LE

Our support element LE secures machines influenced by strong horizontal forces.

The EFFBE machine support element LE ensures anchorage-free machine installation including reliable vibration isolation, structure-borne noise insulation and shock absorption, even under horizontal load. With our LE system, you can install injection-molding machines and other systems influenced by horizontal forces - anchorage-free and slip-resistant.

Levelmount® Machine Supports

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LE Elements

Design: Specially shaped elastomer body combined with cast iron pressure plate and external steel plate, galvanized, integrated leveling system in 3 sizes

Features: Slip-resistant, structure-borne sound insulating, vibration isolating, shock-absorbing, anchorage-free installation, even with horizontal load

 Applications: Anchorage-free installation of machines, e.g. injection molding machines

Materials: Elastomer body made of nitrile rubber NBR 80 Sh A with high elasticity, resistant to oil and aging, cast iron pressure plate, steel outer plate, galvanized

Leveling: Leveling with button head screw according to DIN EN ISO 4753 (not included!)


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