Steel spring isolators for heavy duty applications

EFFBE elements reduce shocks and vibrations to a minimum

Our experts design the perfect solution for customer-specific requirements

Outstanding material properties make EFFBE steel spring insulators the first choice for supporting heavy-duty elements - in metal working, large industrial plants and many power plants, among other applications.

Operators of power plants, industrial facilities and large production lines all over the world rely on our Levelmount® steel spring isolators, which reduce shocks and vibrations to a minimum in the heavy-duty sector. Even in the case of extreme phenomena such as earthquakes, they provide security and stability. This is why EFFBE steel spring insulators are also used in CHP units, among other applications. We supply and develop completely or partially preloadable spring-damper elements, which are available with and without viscous damping and with optional integrated blocking device.

Levelmount® Machine Supports

Download the Levelmount® Machine Supports catalog to learn more about our product diversity in this area.


The EFFBE engineers guarantee perfect customized solutions.

This is especially true in the heavy-duty sector. Therefore, prior to installing the Levelmount® steel spring isolators, comprehensive vibration measurements and analysis are required. Our experts meet the challenge of dimensioning, designing and manufacturing any requirement - no matter how complex - until they have developed the perfect solution for the customer.

Of course, our all-round service also includes installation and installation supervision of the steel spring insulators in the customary EFFBE quality.

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