CP - the universally applicable machine support

Cup Mounts are the particularly resilient EFFBE solution for stationary and mobile use

Tear-resistant design and oil-resistant material

Due to their robust design, the oil-resistant CP (Cup Mount) series is ideally suited as a support element for motors and aggregates.

Looking for an oil and aging resistant, robust support element for motors, aggregates and similar equipment? EFFBE provides the solution with the Cup Mount (CP) series. The tear-resistant design reliably withstands pressure, tensile and thrust loads, ensuring the desired vibration isolation, impact isolation, structure-borne noise insulation and structure-borne noise damping, even while in motion. These cup mount elements are often used as support elements for machines, equipment, motors and aggregates in stationary and mobile use.

Levelmount® Machine Supports

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Design: Elastomer-metal combination with fastening flange, 4 sizes in 4 shore hardness grades

Features: Tear-resistant applications, source and receiver isolation, vibration isolation, impact isolation, structure-borne noise insulation, resistant to pressure, traction and thrust with the same spring stiffness, load range 0.1 kN to 20 kN, natural frequency (stat.) > 10 Hz to 25 Hz

Materials: CR quality elastomer body with high elasticity, oil and aging-resistant, metal parts in galvanized St W 23



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