Dome Mounts - The best choice for supporting aggregates

Our heavy-duty springs have the same spring characteristics in both vertical and lateral directions

Dome Mounts

Includes level control for height-accurate alignment of machines

If you want to provide elastic support for an engine, dome mounts made of Schwingmetall® are the best choice. Schwingmetall® dome mounts are highly resilient spring elements and are characterized by almost identical spring values in both the vertical and lateral directions. They solve the problem of providing level-regulated, attachment-free support for engines in proven EFFBE style. As an alignment element, the level control of the dome mounts guarantees the height-accurate alignment of the machines. Underlay mats even allow attachment-free installation at low to medium lateral forces without anchorage.

Schwingmetall® Catalog

Download the Schwingmetall® catalog to learn more about our product diversity in this area.


Our range of dome mounts:

  • 58540
  • 33629
  • 58541
  • 104169
  • 103965

EFFBE supplies Schwingmetall® dome mounts in five sizes and three elastomer hardnesses.

Various combinations are available for level control and attachment-free installation.

Our experts will be pleased to advise you.


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