Flange elements for robust machine support

Stop washers ensure tear-out protection and high impact loads

Flange Mounts

Effect in both compression direction and tensile direction

Flange elements are perfect as easy-to-realize, robust supports for medium-sized masses. With flange elements made of Schwingmetall®, EFFBE supplies high-quality parts for supporting machines with medium-sized masses. Stop washers on the top and bottom ensure tear-out protection and end stops are provided for high impact loads in both compression direction and tensile direction.

Please note: The stop washers are not included in the scope of supply and must be ordered separately!


Schwingmetall® Catalog

Download the Schwingmetall® catalog to learn more about our product diversity in this area.


What to look out for before ordering:

In our online catalog you will find two installation examples in which the static load acts on the upper spring body. For the flange elements to work properly, the stop washers (a) outlined in the two installation examples are required. They are not included in the scope of supply and must therefore be ordered additionally. The diameter of the washers must not be less than d1 - 5 mm. The diameter of the through bolt must be less than d3.

Online Catalog