Special elements for special applications

 EFFBE holds different specifications for individual applications in stock

Special Elements

Bell element, roof element, cap element and device element

For special applications, EFFBE supplies bell elements, roof elements, cap elements and device elements. Special solutions often require special designs. EFFBE provides assistance here with a whole range of special elements from the Schwingmetall® product range. These are bell elements, roof elements, cap elements and device elements. 

Schwingmetall® Catalog

Download the Schwingmetall® catalog to learn more about our product diversity in this area.


A short overview of the individual elements:

  • Bell elements are tear-off-protected support elements for absorbing static tensile forces.
  • Roof elements are characterized by different spring values in the three spatial directions.
  • Hat elements are suitable for small masses due to their intrinsic design. They offer equal stiffnesses in both the vertical and lateral directions.
  • Device elements are used to support small masses with low natural vibration values.


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