Stops limit vibration amplitudes

EFFBE offers special versions for gentle interception of moving masses



Stop buffers, stop rails, parabolic springs

Stops are used in conjunction with elastic rubber supports to limit vibration amplitudes. Stops made of Schwingmetall® absorb vibrations from moving masses. EFFBE offers various rails, buffers and parabolic springs for different motive forces. Special Schwingmetall® versions are also suitable for gentle interception of moving masses with high kinetic energy.

Schwingmetall® Catalog

Download the Schwingmetall® catalog to learn more about our product diversity in this area.


A brief explanation of terms:

Stop buffers are stop elements with medium spring strokes for absorbing medium amounts of energy.

Stop rails are stop elements for absorbing large amounts of energy where there are high end forces.

Parabolic springs are stop elements with a smooth characteristic curve. They are characterized by large spring strokes and high end forces for absorbing large amounts of energy.


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