EFFBE torsion elements for supporting torsion-stressed components

Top quality rubber-to-metal bonded products

Torsion Elements

Ring element, torsion bushing and bracket element

Torsion elements made of Schwingmetall® are elements for supporting torsion-stressed components. If a support is also subject to twisting, torsion elements from the Schwingmetall® product range are used. Depending on the application and load, EFFBE supplies ring elements, torsion bushings and bracket elements - immediately ex stock.

Schwingmetall® Catalog

Download the Schwingmetall® catalog to learn more about our product diversity in this area.


An overview of the individual elements:

  • With torsion bushings, torques can be transmitted shock-free. The elasticity of this bushing allows minor misalignment and small angular errors at the two shaft ends.
  • Flange elements allow axial, radial, torsional and cardanic movements with their respective spring stiffness. They are suitable for fixing shaft ends elastically on flat surfaces.
  • Ring elements are mainly used in case of torsional stress, but are also suitable for axial loads. The four-part outer ring of the ring element is press-fitted into a bore with undersize. In this way, a shaft mounted in the inner sleeve can be elastically supported.


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