EFFBE-Levelmount® stands for elements used for vibration and shock-isolated machine installation. The proven product range covers the requirements for the storage of natural frequency of 1.5 Hz onwards almost completely.
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Elastomer springs

EFFBE elastomer springs have long been synonymous with quality. Their extended life and defined spring characteristics even after long use, oil resistance, resistance to wear and abrasion. Elastomer springs »


EFFBE Membrane Cylinder: Sensitive and robust. Sensitive control processes can be realised with the use of EFFBE pressure cylinders (control cylinders), which are not possible with piston cylinders. Pneumo »


SCHWINGMETALL® product range of rubber/metal composites has been a byword for superior quality for more than 50 years. It has proven its merits many times over and is unrivalled by other systems. Schwingmetall »


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